China F40 F55 F80 F100 F130 F180 F220 Gruppo Carraro Bonfiglioli Travel Drive Final Frive Planetary O&K Antriebstechnik Gearbox cars with planetary gearbox

Solution Description

F40 F55 F80 F1-5719 327532 travel generate ultimate push Planetary GRUPPO CARRARO O&K Antriebstechnik Bonfiglioli Drives and gearbox for Construction Equipment applications When it will come to sophisticated modular powertrain factors, O&K Antriebstechnik is acknowledged to be foremost. Decades of expertise in engineering advanced drives & gearboxes have benefited a extensive range of buyers.
These days O&KA is 1 of the world´s foremost producers of planetary drives.
As a competence centre inside the Carraro Team, the company develops ultimate drives, slew drives, cutter drives for mobile applications as nicely as drives for wind turbines, walkways and escalators.
Ever shrinking proportions allow the models to be mounted anywhere area is of the essence. The huge array of common reductions and add-on hydraulic motors enables O&K Antriebstechnik to provide person product configurations, while remarkable overall flexibility enables customer wishes to be met in a really limited time.
This is the consequence of an oustanding & deep knowlegde in terms of Analysis & Advancement. O&KA implies quality & technological innovation from Germany.
Details relating to the selection of hydraulic fluid:     
The correct choice of hydraulic fluid requires expertise of the operating temperature in relation to the ambient temperature: in a shut circuit the circuit temperature. The hydraulic fluid need to be selected so that the running viscosity in the working temperature variety is inside the the best possible variety – the shaded region of the selection diagram. We recommended that the greater viscosity course be picked in each and every circumstance. Case in point: At an ambient temperature of X °C an running temperature of fifty eight °C is established. In the optimum working viscosity variety (shaded location) this corresponds to the viscosity classes VG46 or VG66 to be chosen: VG66. Please notice: The scenario drain temperature, which is afflicted by force and pace, is often larger than the circuit temperature. At no position in the program may the temperature be larger than a hundred and ten °C. If the above conditions can not be preserved due to extreme working parameters, remember to seek advice from us.

Application: Motor, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery
Type: Planetary Gear Reducer
Brand: Bonfiglioli
Transport Package: Plywood Case


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